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Paul Twomey
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Paul Twomey is a successful entrepreneur and a chief executive. He founded Argo Pacific, a cybersecurity firm, co-founded STASH, the secure data company, and Leagle, the legal publishing company.

In 2003, Paul was appointed as the CEO of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. In seven years at the helm, he helped to increase its revenues twenty-fold and establish ICANN, at the core of Internet governance.

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MJ Zhang
Chief Technology Officer

MJ Zhang is a pioneer of the service robot market. As the president of Yanji Technology, he led the team to initiate  the hotel service robot market. As the CEO of the robotics subsidiary of UCF, the Hong Kong listed company, he led the team to develop the catering service robot market. UCF owned 20% of the restaurant robot market at that time.

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James Seng
Chief Operating Officer

James Seng is a Singaporean senior technologist, entrepreneur and investor with over 25 years of professional experience.

James built the first ISP in Singapore. He was involved in numerous pioneering internet projects, including Asia One, Cyberwar, IDN, etc

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Catherine Hallahan
Chief Standards Officer

Dr Catherine Hallahan is  a serial medical entrepreneur with a successful career in value-added Health and Wellness practice acquisition and management.  She  has specialized in delivering preventative healthcare in the construction and tourism sectors  Catherine was  born in West Ireland and is a graduate of University College, Cork

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Michael Durkan
Events Industry Expert

Michael Durkan has been involved in the entertainment and events business for 35 years  as an Artist /Producer/ Director and Promoter and brings a wealth of knowledge and global contacts to Biosecurity Systems and its team.

Read more about Michael Durkan and his contribution to the industry, Covid recovery and Biosecurity Systems here

Michael Durkan Biography

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Anne Inne

Anne Inne is a veteran advocate for the use of technology to address social and economic outcomes in developing economies.  Prior to working with Biosecurity Systems, Anne coordinated key aspects of Internet networking operations in Africa and Europe.

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David Davis
Chief Financial Officer

David Davis is an accomplished finance director and consultant with diverse industry experience in pharmaceuticals, professional services, and technology. His multinational roles have been based in Australia, Switzerland and the United States. David’s positions have included KPMG, Novartis, eBay and Biogen.

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