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Team Discussion

We are an international group of technologists, health professionals, security experts and operations teams who are analysing and implementing global best practice in technologies and operations to diminish infection threats in the work place.  

Our technology team are experts on robotics, imaging, navigation, machine learning, network processing and cyber security.   They work closely with our sister company, Voy Robotics.  We are world authorities on robotics and screening systems, and their supply chains.  


Our threat team includes medical practitioners and epidemiologists who determine the infection risk and advice effective responses based on the science.   The threat intelligence sub-team collates, and analyses public source, proprietal and government partner information to recommend actions to Biosecurity Systems operations and its clients.  


Our operations team includes squads of engineers, nurses, and project managers who have either military or project engineering backgrounds.   They are experienced in setting up technical and nursing support operations quickly in new environments and, if best, passing management to local players.

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