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IATA recommends a layered approach to restarting aviation

In a recent paper, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommended a layered approach to restarting aviation. IATA identifies temperature screening, disinfecting, PPE, social distancing and other measures at airport terminals. IATA concludes as follows -

“There is currently no single measure that could mitigate all the risks of restarting air travel. However, we believe that an effective implementation on an outcome based and layered approach, of the above- mentioned range of measures that are already possible, represents the most effective way of balancing risk mitigation with the need to unlock economies and to enable travel in the immediate term.

As further clarity is achieved in terms of additional measures such as effective COVID-19 testing and immunity, new measures can be incorporated into the passenger process to further mitigate the risks and further build confidence in air travel, thus taking us further on the journey towards a resumption of ‘normal’ operations.”

Download the full report here.

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