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Michael Durkan - Events Industry Expert

Michael Durkan has been involved in the entertainments and Events business for 35 years as an Artist /Producer/ Director and Promoter and brings a wealth of knowledge and global contacts to Biosecurity Systems and its team.

Following the onset of Covid, Michael felt it necessary to bring likeminded people together to find solutions for the Entertainment and Events industry globally, to open up safely for patrons, venues, artists, casts and crews. Introductions were made and through Michael’s Global network the solution drive was underway to find the path for reopening of the Industry Globally.

Biosecurity Systems came on board with their expertise under the guidance of Paul Twomey…along with many senior figures with the Live Entertainment Industry.

To date the pathway has been challenging- however, everyone within the Industry knows that certain standards and criteria will be the order of the day as the Global pandemic marches on.

The Entertainment/ Events / Arts and Culture sectors are significant in the overall life of peoples happiness, and now more than ever a collective approach must be put in place to reopen our sectors of society which has been decimated like so many others.

All for one and One for all…..

Michael Durkan

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